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Why sign up to webvictoria and why pay to list when there are so many free places to list?

Webvictoria is not just another directory.

Webvictoria was started to try to bring searching back in line with the original purpose of the internet. To connect people with similar interest together, and to make the search quick and easy. 

We did not set out to create huge lists of interesting things, but to make searching a single business possible, fast and accurate.

Our biggest hurdle was to take different systems that people were and are using, and try to find the best way to cross index the other systems, so people with different search experiences could all use one system. This also meant that we had to use terms for different educational backgrounds, different versions of English and various levels of working knowledge; to allow people to use common street terms, technical jargon or academic terminology and still make it possible to find a single business the first time.

Cross indexing and absolute term searching is the key to our SEARCHBASE. Obviously we cannot know all terms for all levels of business so we developed a way that the businesses themselves could sign up and use our tools to cross index the terms and search methods to maximize their search ability. This meant we had to allow people to not only list in a number of different headings but also to compare headings. Then we had to give the same options to site visitors, allowing them to use a system they are most familiar with their and create a common bridge for the data input and the search input.

We also needed to simplify advance search methods and ADD new methods to create an environment that assisted the visitor to locate a business they knew existed using familiar iterfaces. The trick to searching is that people do not always remember the complete name of a business and this combined with different methods of input can greately hamper the accurately of search results. The end result is we built a simplified advnce search and a highly enhanced general search with the ability to easily switch between methods from the same place.



We have made every effort to make the site quick and easy to search. As much as possible we allow for businesses to list themselves and cross index their business for optimum search results, so no matter which searching method you prefer, you should find all listings related to that search. This is always an on going effort with the Dynamic Nature of the web. If you find any errors please report them!

Our headings, listings and searches are first grouped by priority, then alphabetically to allow for faster searches in the event you have to search through a list. Ultimately we are a search DATABASE, so most items you know by name can be found immediately by typing that name in the general search bar

Search Differences

Valid Search Methods:

EXACT MATCHING: all searches are looking for exact matches. This means, all words in sequence. SPACES are read as a Space. Placing a space BEFORE or AFTER a word helps to filter smaller words out of larger words. One example is CAT. If you enter [cat] you would find Communication, Educational, Identification, however if you enter cat with a leading space [ cat] you would find only those words beginning with cat Catalogue,Caterers, CATV etc. and if you enter cat with a leading and trailing spaces, type [ cat ] you will only find an exact match for the word cat. The search is designed so that each additional letter( space) or word that you add will diminish ( filter) the search results.

PLURALS: if you are a person listing your business, we recommend you use PLURAL version and singular version of words for maximum search ability. IF you are a visitor looking up businesses we RECOMMEND YOU USE the singular version with no space after, to get maximum results.

AND: you may use AND (in upper case) to find matching words that may not appear side by side, but all words MUST APPEAR in the same listing - you can also use the asterisk (*) symbol or the percent sign (%) to do the same function as AND. These are the three most commonly used variables to express , any number of  letters or characters. *NOTE: if you use the lower case of and in your search, the search pattern expects this to be PART OF THE COMPANY NAME. example(Big Blue and Cousins would look for for the specific phrase Big Blue and Cousins 
but Big Blue AND Cousins will look for any business listing the words Big Blue and including cousins somewhere in their listing description, keywords or company name)

Quotes: you do not need to use quotes to group words or phrases, this is automatically done for you. With or without quotes you will get the same results.

UNCERTAIN how something is spelled: try a single letter replacement using the question mark(?) or the underscore ( _ ). Example: theatre or theater ... entering theat?r will find both

    general - common search bar for company name,keywords and general search terms. In most cases if you know an exact name this is all you need to use to find your item. It you do not know a specific company name we ofter a number of other seraches designed to help you cross reference items to ensure better search results, with shorter lists, and even to specify a very localized area for a product or business.
     browsing - this uses a Directory Tree ( or STEP Directory ) look up. Each heading you select displays all the listings under that heading, a other subcategories of that heading. As you select other sub headings the listings are more selective. This is common to a lot of directories but the headings are sometimes confusing or arbitrary. Often based on what the designers believe you think items should appear under 
    by company - an alphabetical list of Company Names by first letter. Similar to the white pages of any phone book. This is a two part search, the first screen takes you to a click index of numbers and letters. When you select a letter you are then presented with a list of all names beginning with that letter. This is useful if you are uncertain how a company is spelled. This search looks up companies by name only. And list victoria business followed by other web resources. 
    by heading - this is patterned after the business section of a phone book. You type in a keyword, and preview headings that contain that specific word. When you click a heading you are given only those companies that appear in that heading. Since these are very specific headings, the product of the search is designed to find is businesess that match your needs.We feel this is a much more effecient method than BROWSING through headings.
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    community & productmap & productstreet & companystreet & productcross index search

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